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Death Care and Funeral Related Links

National Cemetery Administration
Cemetery and burial information for veterans.

AMAC-Voice Of Americans 50+

National Hospice Organization
A referral service to link individuals with hospices in their community.

Administration on Aging
Information provided to help Senior Americans and their families.

Death, Dying and Grief Resources

Funerals / Federal Trade Commission
Information by the Funeral Trade Commission Regarding the Funeral rule.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross, MD. "On Death And Dying"
The author and book have been recognized as one of the most authoritative references on death and dying.Slow Download But Good Info.

Funeral Consumers Alliance
Consumer rights for the funeral industry.

Social Security Administration
Information and links for families and survivors.

Government Resources dept Vet Affairs

National Cemetery Benefits For Vets

Other Links

Got a will legal wills, last will and testament- Do it yourself
Lovingeulogies Asked To Deliver The Eulogy? Accept The Honor Knowing You Will Deliver. A Loving Eulogy –travel sites to help families when traveling to a loved ones funeral destination - Comprehensive Shopping Directory


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