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Immediate casket,anywhere any time

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Casket Xpress - Highest Quality - Lowest Prices - Quickest Service!

      CasketXpress was founded early in 1997. We are here to help you in your time of need, anywhere in the world. We are a family owned-and-operated company continually striving to provide the highest quality products available . Whether you have an immediate need or you are planning ahead for yourself or a loved one, our goals are to inform you of your rights and fulfill your choice of a quality casket at a fair price. Call us toll-free at 1-800-550-7262 anytime for an immediate quote.

We showcase our inventory of affordable, premium quality caskets through both our many locations as well as online. You will find approximately twenty categories of quality caskets, such as Art Casket, Ash Wood Casket, Cherry Wood Casket, Mahogany Wood Casket, Oak Wood Casket, Poplar Wood Casket, Maple Wood Casket, Infant Casket, Majesty Size Casket,
Military Casket, Religious Art Casket, Custom Casket, and Stainless Steel Caskets from the U.S. and Canada.

Once you have made your choice, your casket will be fully inspected for quality control and packaged in a sturdy transportable container. Each delivery is carried out by major trucking and air cargo companies. Your casket is insured against damage and guaranteed to arrive on time. Most
deliveries are made directly to the door of the funeral home.

Whether it is at our web site or our casket showrooms, at, we specialize in a variety of quality and custom designs to suit your specific needs. We also carry an assortment of memorial products to give you some options and to further enhance the final resting place of the deceased.

Thank you,
CasketXpress Team

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Need $$$ for unwanted Cemetery Property?



American made Caskets

for those who wish to support American Families and American companies! 




With over 40 years overseeing dishonest and illegal pricing policies, the FTC found almost 25% of Funeral homes, in 9 States, failed to give a detailed

GENERAL and CASKET Price ListThis is a clear violation of the Funeral Rule. This study was just concluded by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSON!

These so-called Price Packages are used to confuse Consumers further to the point they just say - OK! Deception has long been a mark of the Funeral Industry 

Don't get caught in their web of deceit. CALL US NOW to learn more how to make sure you aren't treated this way also!


CALL NOW AT 1-800-550-7262 or EMAIL US AT

We now accept PAY-PAL to better serve you!

Service that only those with 35 years of funeral experience can offer!
CasketXpress is the ONLY Website running from 1998!
Recent Testimonials and Comments from our customers:
"Thank you for all of your help, kindness an and outstanding , customer service. I appreciate that 
you took the time to graciously answer all of my questions and that you kept me informed throughout
the urn purchase and customization processes. Of course, no one wants to find themselves in a
situation where they need to choose an urn or casket for a loved one. You made everything as 
stress-free as possible. I would without hesitation, recommend you and your services to others."   Tawnee
"Everything you did for my family was perfect. In these hard times, stress is high and you provided relief for my family by allowing us
to order your casket and giving a discount on shipping so we wouldn't have to go through another buyer.
Your follow up phone calls were appreciated and not "overbearing"! Thank you for the peace of mind you gave me
and my family while making my grandmothers wishes come true with a gold accent casket!"
With respect,   Jennifer KC-OK
"Saw it. Looks gorgeous. Thanks much for all of your help! I'll be sure to YELP positive reviews
when I get back to hotel!"      Ronn , California
"We needed to write and let you know how happy we were both
with the casket we ordered, but mostly the way you guys stayed in touch and
were tracking our package. We plan on referring you to friends." Miseah, New York
Dear - "we bought from you about 5 years ago and you gave us a great deal
and great advice.That's why we're buying from you again now." Samuel, Florida
To CasketXpress,"Your caskets were referred from a friend who works for Batesville casket."
T. Curtiss, MO.
"Thank God you helped us out. I'd estimate you saved us more than $2000 with your casket,
and helped us save more with your advice! Please keep helping families like ourselves
so they can make good decisions like we were able to." Howard, AZ
Secure Host Service 24 hours a day
Private Shopping, Selection and Purchasing
Call Toll Free at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions!
Important and Useful Information Links
Coping with an Impending Death? Suggestions to help you deal with the
anticipated loss of someone you love.
By Chris Raymond
Guide From the Website www.HEALTH.COM
 which is an excellent source for these matters.
Is the funeral home you are using giving you trouble about choosing a casket online?
If so, read this and apply the instructions       
For Cemetery Headstones - either Bronze or Granite - CEMETERY HEADSTONES!
For Cremation Urns - go to URN DISCOUNT GALLERY CHOICES!
These packages DO NOT save you money - they actually COST MORE! Take the time to study anything
the Funeral Home presents to you, ask them pointedly what something means, and break down the cost
of each item that is added. Usually packages contain extra items that are unnecessary for the average family!

CALL US NOW AT 1-800-550-7262

 National Council for Aging Care





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Accept all credit cards.
Unnecessary license expenses ABC's 20/20
CasketXpress accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express
We support the victims of the World Trade Center and Pentagon. God Bless America.
ABC News 20/20 Article
Instead of protecting the profits of the funeral industry, shouldn’t the politicians be looking out for the consumer?

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