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Coppertone American Oversize CasketSAVE$$ $$SAVE$$ $200 REDUCTION IN PRICE! $SAVE$
This casket is proudly MADE IN AMERICA by skilled workers!
Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.

The interior of this selection is designed with a full 29 inch
wide inside shell design. The exterior measures just a full 1 1/2
inches more. The handle bars & hardware are recessed into the
shell. It is completely gasketed for sealing and locking.

NOTE - Available in 30in, 33in, 36in, 40in and 44in sizes.
Call & ask for quotes! COLOR CHANGES?
VELVET INSTEAD? ask us & make it personalized!

See below for larger size prices:
28 inch size - $1499.97
29 inch size - $1499.97
30 inch size - $1599.97
33 inch size - $1799.97
36 inch size - $1999.97
44 inch size - $2499.97

Constructed of American steel complete with lock and gasket.
Beautifully finished with Copper-Black shades in a 2 Tone with
Coppertone finish on the outside, Triple Cross emblems and
tailored with Tan Frost Crepe inside over a fully adjustable bed.

A Praying Hands panel design(or others available), pillow and
blanket are all included. Other panel styles are available. Ask
about any type you may be interested in.

Please call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions.
Standard delivery (from 1-5 days depending on location) is
$150-$500! Overnight or Next Day services would be additional
charges. CALL US NOW TO ORDER - 1-800-550-7262 Current Price: $1299.99
Image of Coppertone American Oversize Casket Casket
Florence Bronze Casket Stamped Design Shell$$SAVE$$ $$SAVE$$ $300 SAVINGS IN PRICE! $$$SAVE$$$
Click on photo for a larger photo of casket

CALL US AT 1-800-550-7262 for details of any selection!
Proudly Made in America with top quality craftsmanship!

Embossed side rails, deep and rich Copper and Bronze tones, with a
Tan crepe interior and tuft panel. Tailored over a fully
adjustable inner bed. This casket has both an old fashioned, yet
modern image that makes it a very popular selection.

This 19 Gauge Carbon Steel casket comes with a hidden end lock
device and full gasket. Truly a unique and dignified choice.

Standard shipping (from 1-5 days depending on location)
is $150-$450! No other charges. If you wish Overnight or Rush
Delivery, it is available for an additional charge-get quote.

Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers to your questions! Current Price: $1499.99
Image of Florence Bronze Casket Stamped Design Shell Casket
MARINE CORP US STEEL CASKETQUESTIONS??? Call us now at 1-800-550-7262
$$$SAVE$$$ $200 SAVINGS!$$$
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Personalized with Marine Corps Seal-HOORAH!
Inside cap panel embroidery, and outside Seal if desired.

Special Honor and Respect is due to every man and woman who have
served our country in the US Armed Services. And nothing is better
to honor them at time of need than this US Made casket.

This 18 gauge selection has a specialized shell with a 26 inch
width at the shoulders, Flag Emblems on the Handle Lugs all
around. Complete with a gasket and sealing hardware.

NEED A LARGER SIZE INTERIOR? Call us and we can work with you
for interior widths up to 44 inches! Call 1-800-550-7262

The interior is a unique Military uniform style fabric and is
used for all of the Tailoring and Trimming throughout.

In the Head panel is a 10 inch Service Seal embroidered emblem
brilliantly displayed. For an extra charge, a smaller emblem (6
inch is best) can be placed on the blanket if desired.

The finish is Black on the entire shell with a double
chrome pin stripping accent on the top lids. Red striping
is on all the edges.

Shipping anywhere in the USA. Standard shipping (1-5 days
depending on your location) is only $150-$450. Overnight or rush
is available for an extra charge.
Check with us by providing the Zip Code of the delivery point so
we can quote this to you. Call us at 1-800-550-7262 for answers
to your questions.
Current Price: $1799.99

Call Us 1st!!!
Toll Free Nationwide Number

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