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Photo of TRUCKERS LAST HAUL Art Casket Casket

Product Code:   FFtrucker
Typical Price:   $5995.00
Our Price: $2697.97
Description: CALL US NOW FOR ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS! 1-800-550-7262

NOTICE - this Art Casket design is only available now with 2
units in stock. After they are sold, it will be discontinued! If
you really want this, get it now because we have actually
discounted it $300! These store well with 5-8 year storage being
no problems. Probably can be longer, but we do not have
verification for longer than 8 years from testimonials from our

This Art Casket is for those Truckers who dream driving The Last
Haul. The time has come to go home and its the very last haul you
have to make. Either at Sunrise or Sunset, the lonely trucker on
the highway is faithfully hauling his load of freight.

This casket model pays tribute to those who spent their lives on
lonely, moonlit highways with the pedal to the medal, delivering
the goods that sustain a nation.

This Art Casket is built with 18 gauge steel, stunning art work
outside showing a lonely trucker with a full haul. Empty flatbed
trucking picture in the panel after faithfully delivering his load
shows that he is at the final end of the road.

End lock along with gasket for protection,swing bar
handles on all sides with bronze tone finishes. This is a high
quality casket1that also pays tribute to the Truck Driver in your

Standard casket shipping (1-5 days depending on location)is $100.
Check with us for shipping to the funeral home of your choice.
Overnight or rush deliveries, if available, are extra cost.

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